It’s Me

My name is Samiyyah (pronounced Sa-my-yah) Williams, and I welcome you to the place where adventure begins. I was born and raised in New Jersey, however you can say my second home is New York City.  When it comes to enjoying life, some people eat, sleep and breathe fashion; but for me an adrenaline rush is my meditation.  I am a talented and adventurous visionary, whose distinctive touch and passion for helping others extends from my personal life well into my career as an IT professional.  My desire for adventure and the unshakable urge to live life on the wild side, discovering the beauty of God’s amazing creations, has inspired me to take you on an unforgettable adventure.  Get your passports ready and join in on the excursion as I take you around the world, rediscovering LIFE through the eyes of Adventure, LOVE and Simplicity.  Are you ready?

A Letter From Me To You

“Do whatever you need to do to discover what it means TO BE FREE in the skin that you were created in.  Only then will you experience LIFE like you’ve never experienced it before.” -SW