***A Tribute To Swing***

Yesterday evening, April 29th, was a sad moment for me. It was the night day I handed over “Swing” to his new owner. I am certainly not attached to things, at least I try not to be, but with Swing it was a little different.

For me, having a motorbike and traveling throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, was freedom. It was freedom to get up and go when I wanted and where I wanted, without having to ask how much or even worry about how I would return from a destination. I used those countless hours to think about life and scream through my helmet when my thoughts became overwhelming. It was the place where my “bum” became the most numb. It was ‘MY SPACE’. Having my own transportation allowed me to go to places I definitely would not have been able to get to by bus or train and it made a world of a difference. For me, Swing became a key component to creating the journey that I desired centered around Adventure, Love and Simplicity.

I will forever remember the lovely four months we had together. Here’s a little tribute to my wonderful Swing.

Lots of luv,


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