My First Ubermoto Ride & International Dentist Experience

Everything was going well until a part of my filling broke off while I was flossing three days ago. In a way, I’m glad it happened when it did because I was headed back to Hanoi a day later and I knew I would be able to find a reputable dentist that I could trust.  After posting the situation on my Facebook page, a friend recommended Westcoast International Dentist located near the West Lake in Hanoi.  Saturday was my first full day back in the city, so I decided I would make my dentist visit a priority. Unfortunately, but thankfully, my bike was in the shop so I had the pleasure of using Ubermoto to take me to my destination.  To my surprise, it was a smooth ride and all the anxiety that I would usually feel when I’m a solo rider was nonexistent. I captured it all on video and provided an update on my experience at the dentist. Enjoy.

Thanks again Westcoast International Dental and Ubermoto driver, for making my first experience better than I could’ve imagined

Lots of luv,


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