My First Hostel Experience

After a two-day journey of getting to Tokyo and then sleeping in the airport for about seven hours, in immense anticipation for the normal business day to begin, it was a nice treat to have our first hostel experience end up being one that we would never forget.  Located within a six-minute walk from the Bakurochō station on the JR, GRIDS Nihombashi East Hostel offers a modern, super clean and friendly staff experience. This location of Grids officially opened in January of this year, and welcomes about a thousand travelers per month. It has everything that you will need to have a comfortable stay, including a café.  Unfortunately during our stay the café was under renovations, however I’m told that on a normal day your stay includes a light breakfast eggs, coffee and juice. (Note: this may change once the café reopens)

A night view of the front of the building and 2nd floor lounge

The lobby area is a little small, due to the position of the bar, however there is a common space on the 2nd floor where you can eat, mingle and watch the news on a flat screen TV.  After checking in and entering your dorm area, you are required to trade in your shoes for a pair of black cozy leatherette sleepers waiting for you inside your assigned cubby.  In fact, you are required to wear non outside shoes whenever you are walking around the hostel, except for the main floor.  On our second night in Tokyo, we stayed at a different hostel and we were not required to remove our shoes before entering the sleeping area.  After a while you begin to appreciate this inconvenience especially in the living and bathroom area.

Lobby Area (View 1)
Lobby Area (View 2)


















Second Floor Common Area


Shoe exchange for leatherette sleepers before entering your dorm.


Female Dorm (View 1)
Female Dorm (View Two)

Everyone has concerns about sharing a shower space, I know I did.  In fact, it was a big no no for me in my college days.  However, it was truly comforting to walk into the shower area and find sparkling white walls, clean floors and spacious shower stalls.  Melissa and I stayed in an all-female dorm, however this property also offers an all-male dorm, mixed dorm and private rooms. All dorms are equipment with private bathroom stalls and vanity area, the showers are located on a separate floor. The front desk is open 24hrs, so no need to worry about arriving at a specific time for check-in.  This hostel also provides free shampoo, conditioner, body wash and it’s equipped with a laundry room. For your convenience, they also sell toothbrushes, face masks etc. at the front desk, and if you like or check in on Facebook you can get one complementary toiletry item.


The locker room just before you get to the powder room


The powder room inside our female dorm.


Women’s Shower Room


Laundry Facility – 100 yen for each and detergent is free

The only not so great thing about this property is that it is located in an area where there’s not much to do during the day or evening.  However, the subway is two minutes away and the famous Tsukiji Fish Market is about a 25-30 minute walk from the hostel.  Overall, if this is what hostel living is like please sign me up for an unlimited hostel pass.  I know I may run into some not so nice hostel experiences, but for now I’ll enjoy the “lavish” life of hostel living at the GRID.  (Update, since my first experience, I have had some not so clean hostel experiences #bummer).  Thanks again GRIDS for a lovely first time experience.  I plan to return again!

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Me inside my capsule

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  • I figured Japan would have nice hostels, but this has got to be the cleanest hostel I’ve ever seen. Are you mostly doing hostels on your trip?

    • Hey Maya, yes my experince with hostels in Japan were great overall, except for maybe two. My trip will continue to consist of mostly hostels, homestays, guesthouses and then hotels – when cheap and it’s the last resort. ☺️

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